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Autism Intervention is an important website for parents, families, educators and professionals. It provides an extensive array of information on the many different treatments for Autism, PDD, and related developmental delays.

PLEASE READ: This site is in the process of being re-designed to better serve parents, educators, health-care professionals, and of course the beloved individuals with the disorder. Due to the tremendous demand for the information on this site, we have put up a handful of pages while the site is being re-designed.

Autism Interventions are in Tremendous Demand
There is a tremendous demand for information about the different treatment options for individuals with autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and related delays of development.

In order to gather high quality information and links, it is taking longer than anticipated to re-launch the site. None the less, save this page as it will become an Internet leader in providing information to parents, professionals, educators and others. 

This website can be particularly useful for individuals who are relatively new to Autism. These include, parents with a recently diagnosed child, pre-university, undergraduate and graduate students who are considering a career in autism intervention, and other individuals who would like more information about the field.

Treatments that will be covered include behavioral, educational, medical, and others. There will also be coverage of such issues as thimerosal (some people believe that  vaccinations are causing autism and mental retardation which is making a lot lawyers and the legal system money since it appears to be unclear if there is a link between thimerosal...this site will discuss this). 

A Few Words About Autism Intervention
While there is no cure for autism, individuals can be helped significantly. The reality is that there are literally dozens of different approaches to autism intervention. Unfortunately, most lack the scientific rigor to support the claims being made by the originators of these approaches.

The key is to helping these individuals is to involve them in intensive early behavioral intervention ("IEBI"). Although research in Autism has been going on for some 40 years, it was only since the claims of psychologist Lovaas and his colleagues in 1987 and 1993 that the area of autism intervention had truly developed.

The media has been quick to jump on the story that the number of children with autism has been on the rise. This increase is more likely due to better education, greater awareness and improved diagnostic tools among professionals than it is to "'something in the environment."

While the government continues to throw away millions of dollars annually on trying to find the cause of autism and related pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs), training programs continue to be lacking.

Research shows that training parents to work with their children can have a tremendous impact on the child with autism and the entire family system. However, there is a lack of trainers available. Long waiting lists force many parents to turn to alternative treatments which typically calm parents but do little for these children.

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